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    ♡♡♡NEW Product in stock ♡♡♡
    ○Primo Mix 150
    50mg Primo Ace
    100mg Primo Enan

    ○Nandro Mix 250
    50mg Npp
    100mg Nandro Cyp
    100mg Nandro Deca

    ○Eq Mix 250
    50mg Bold Ace
    100mg Bold Cyp
    100mg Bold Unde

    ○Master Mix 200
    100mg Drost Prop
    100mg Drost Enan

    ○Cut Mix 300
    100mg Test Prop
    100mg Tren Ace
    100mg Drost

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    Actually Email:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Wickr: AlphaUSA

    -DEUS MEDICAL 10x1ml ampules
    T Prop 100mg.
    Tne 100mg.
    T Enan 250mg.
    T Cyp 250mg.
    Sust 250mg.
    Winstrol Inj 50mg.
    NPP 100mg.
    Deca 250mg.
    Eq 250mg.
    Master P 100mg.
    Master E 200mg.
    Primo E 100mg.
    Tren E 200mg.
    Tren Ace 100mg.
    Tri Tren 150mg.
    Dbol 10mg.
    Halo 10mg.

    -SIGMA PHARMA 10ml vials
    T Prop 100mg.
    Tne 100mg.
    T Enan 250mg.
    T Cyp 250mg.
    Sust 250mg.
    Test 400mg.
    NPP 100mg.
    Deca 250mg.
    DecaMix 250mg.
    Eq 250mg.
    EqMix 250mg.
    Master P 100mg.
    Master E 200mg.
    MasterMix 200mg
    Primo E 100mg.
    PrimoMix 150mg.
    Tren E 250mg.
    Tren Ace 100mg.
    Tren Hexa 100mg.
    Cut Mix 300mg.
    Anavar 10mg/100
    Anavar 25mg /50.
    Winstrol 10mg/100.
    Winstrol 25mg/50.
    Dbol 10mg/100
    Dbol 25mg /50.
    Tura 10mg/100.
    Sdrol 10mg/100
    Anadrol 25mg/100.
    Halotestin 10mg/50
    Mk677 100/25mg.
    Ostarine 100/25mg.
    Cardarine 100/25mg
    Clen 40mcg/100.

    ALPHA PHARMA 10x1ml ampules
    T Prop 100mg.
    T Enan 250mg.
    T Cyp 250mg.
    Susta 250mg.
    Tren ace 100mg.
    Npp 100mg.
    Eq 250mg.
    MasterP 100 mg.
    Winstrol inj 50mg
    Deca 250mg.
    Prima 100mg.
    Parabolin 76mg.
    Clen 40mcg.
    Sdrol 10mg.
    Winstrol 10mg.
    Dbol 10mg
    Anavar 10mg.
    Oxy 50mg.

    Inclerex 40mg.
    Serostim 126iu.
    SigmaTropin 100iu.
    Aromasin 25X25mg. (Deus)
    Aromasin 50x25mg. (Sigma)
    Aromasin 30x25mg. (Eu)
    Cebaser 4x0.5mg.
    Cebaser 20x1mg. Pfizer
    Letro 28x2.5mg. (Eu)
    Arimidex 10x1mg. (India)
    Arimidex 28x1mg. (Poland)
    Arimidex 25x1mg. (Deus)
    Nolvadex 30x20mg.
    Clomid 30x50mg.
    Clomid 24x50mg.
    Proviron 50x25mg. (Sigma)
    Proviron 20x25mg. (Bayer)
    Proviron 50x25mg. (Deus)
    Hcg 5000 iu. (India)
    Hcg 5000 iu. (China)
    Viagra 10x100mg.
    Cialis 10x20mg.
    Cialis 50x20mg.
    T3 25mcg 25tabs.
    Tialorid 5mg 50tabs.


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      Good stuff....glad to have you on the board.


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        Excellent list bro.